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For in-office short-term credit, one third of the estimated treatment fee should be paid on the first day of treatment and the remaining balance has to be paid in three installments. After that, the entire treatment balance has to be paid in full within four months.

Insurance assistance

Our dental practice accepts most dental insurance programs by employers who are within or outside Moose Lake area. Our goal is to maximize your dental insurance benefits each year and help you make the remaining balance affordable.


Credit union or bank financing

Many patients find that the best financing for them is through their financial institution. Your financial institutions will be happy to help you fund your dental treatment.

CareCredit is an easy way to have a line of credit loan for longer financing terms. It has an interest-free option for up to six months or choose low monthly payments and a reasonable interest percentage for up to five years financing.

Why should your financial situation prevent you the benefit of quality dental care you deserve? Downtown Dental Care has developed the following payment options to help you financially.

Dependable Financial Assistance For Your Dental Care


In-office short-term credit

You will receive a 5% discount for cash or check payments made in full on the day you get your treatment done. Contact us today.

You'll receive 5% OFF if you pay in full on the day of your treatment

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Financial Options

Get the best financing plan for your treatment.

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